Maintenance of public green space

  • 公共緑地の維持管理
  • 主に公共緑地の維持管理作業を行っております。

    We mainly manage and maintain public green tracts of land.
    We do all kinds of green land management, such as mowing, pruning, felling, weeding, cleaning.
    Also, urban wooded areas are near walking zones and tree lawns where substantial traffic passes through. Therefore, Security management is also an important issue.
    Consequently, we employ security measures depending on the situation, such as settings on traffic guides and nets for scattering prevention.


Pruning and felling of high trees by ropework

  • ロープワークによる高木の剪定、伐採
  • 対象木が大きく梯子が届かない。樹上で枝から枝が離れている為、移動できない。車両が対象木まで近づけない。対象木の下に構造物等があり、そのままでは施工不能。

    When a tree is too high, you cannot reach the top with a ladder. When the distance of branches is too long at the top of high trees, you cannot move freely. When your car cannot get close to the tree, or when there is construction under the tree, you cannot start to work.
    If you face the situations above, we offer you various options with our ropework techniques. We use various types of ropes and equipment for secure and precise work.
    We negotiate directly with firms in the UK and US to import items. We are currently considering the prospect of selling these items on our online shop.


Tree examination, diagnosis, treatment

  • 樹木の調査や診断、治療
  • 樹木医の先生方と共に、樹勢の低下した樹木の調査、病虫害の対策と駆除、倒木の危険度診断等を行います。

    We cooperate with tree doctors to examine the level of trees’ vitality, measure and exterminate blights, and estimate the degree of danger of fallen trees.
    We use special diagnostic tools to inspect problems multidimensionally.
    After diagnosis, we decide one of the following treatment plans. soil amelioration to improve tree’s vitality, fertilization pesticide spraying, felling trees with cabling, prevention of branch breaking, adventitious root induction for trees which show high cavity ratio.
    Consequently, we observe the progress, and if it turns out to be good, we finish the process.

OTHER その他の活動


We regularly join study meetings of the Tree Ecology Study Group, Hiragikukai Group, and Tree Doctors Association. The topics are varied: Tree’s physiology and ecology, the blights, adventive species, and the methods of green space management. We can expand our knowledge and practice from these meetings.
Join the lecture by Urban Forestry co.,ltd. We can learn the best ropework techniques in Japan in both lectures and actual practice. We join these sessions regularly to improve our knowledge and techniques.

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